Public Adjusting

A licensed public adjuster is an insurance claims adjuster who advocates for the policy holder in appraising and negotiating a policy holder’s insurance claim. Public adjusters help policy holders become whole again after a loss. Contracted public adjusters hold legal authority to represent policy holders and negotiate the claim.

Contact our office to have a licensed public adjuster provide a free review of your home, business, or nonprofit claim.

AppraisalWe are licensed public adjusters and are staunch advocates for the insured and their rights during a claim.

When your claim meets an impasse you have three options

1. Concede

2. Court

3. Appraisal

Appraisal is a provision within the policy that allows the two sides of the claim; policy holder and insurance, each to select an independent and non-financially vested party to represent their side of the claim. Each side does a separate independent analysis. The job of each appraiser is to determine value not scope. The two appraisers will then attempt to negotiate a final price, if unable to come to agreement they will select an Umpire. If they cannot agree on an umpire then an umpire can be determined by the courts.

National Liability Managers, LLC. can be requested as an Appraiser; contact our office and we will be happy discuss your options.

UmpireUmpires are unbiased individuals who are used to make the final determination regarding an appraisal.

Upon choosing an umpire each side will present their evidence. The umpire will way the evidence both sides present and make a decision regarding the value of the claim.



National Liability Managers, LLC offers the services of Joseph Yost as an umpire. His qualifications include: licensed Public Adjuster (OK, TX, & MI), licensed property casualty agent and prior underwriter.


AgencyWe are a licensed Oklahoma insurance agency which writes only commercial policies. Our primary agent is a member of the YIAO. Our agency is capable of writing commercial auto and commercial business policies. Our agents have over a decade of combined experience in the metro writing policies. As prior Underwriters and Public Adjusters we can help by explaining the insurance cycle to you. We can make suggestions to help limit your risks.

Feel free to contact our offices to review your options.

Claims Estimation We can use both Xactimate and Symbility for claims estimation. We recommend OSHA compliance in our claims estimates as well as compliance with local, state and federal guidelines and laws. When applicable we also recommend General Contractor Overhead and Profit.

Expert Witness TestimonyIf National Liability Managers, LLC is contracted as the Public Adjuster for your claim, and the claim goes to court we are able to provide expert witness testimony during the trial. We are licensed Public Adjusters, and have licensing and expertise that combined with your attorneys give you the best opportunity for a successful claim should it go need to be heard in court.

Contents  Inventory & EstimationNational Liability Managers, LLC offers contents inventory, estimation, and assessment of value for your home or business claim. Our licensed Public Adjusters have experience estimating the value of the contents of your damaged home or business.

Have you had issues with insurers not properly paying for claims?

Insurers say the job is not complex enough, it does not merit GCO&P, or they just do not wish to pay for it. Talk to your client and tell them about National Liability Managers, LLC and we will show your client just what a Public Adjuster can do for their claim.

General Contractor

We recommend OSHA, local, state, and federal laws, IRC & IBC compliance on all of your jobs, and we pursue the associated cost with the insurer.

We also use Xactimate and Symbility to effectively price our jobs to indemnify the insured’s loss.

National Liability Managers, LLC works with several Public Adjusters with a variety of backgrounds including General Contractor, Insurance Agent, Insurance Adjuster, and Underwriter.

National Liability Managers, LLC views the best interests of the insured regarding the indemnification their claim as our own.